3 Myths about Botox

BotoxCosmetic procedures that involve Botox seem to always have been surrounded by controversy. There are several myths about this physician-administered form of treatment, so if you’re interested in trying Botox injections, it’s important to be very well informed. In order to find out more about this procedure, you should start by asking “What is Botox?”

Botox ® cosmetic is a protein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. After purification, this product is used for cosmetic injections, due to its specific functions in reducing the activity of  the facial muscles that cause wrinkles and lines after repetitive movements. Here are the most common misconceptions about Botox treatments:

  1. Injections with Botox will cause distorted facial expressions – Botox will change the appearance of your face, making it look younger and wrinkle free. However, it cannot produce distorted facial expressions unless the injection used contains an extremely high dose or it’s misdirected. This is why anyone interested in having Botox injections should only consult qualified physicians. People who have benefited from a treatment performed by a skilled physician will still be able to display all the normal facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning.
  2. Botox is toxic and unsafe – this misconception is due to the source that Botox derives from, the botulinum toxin. This toxin causes a severe type of food poisoning and is usually present in poorly preserved canned foods. However, the cosmetic Botox treatment only uses a very small amount of toxin that gets concentrated in certain muscle area, thus being unable to cause any health problems. Also Botox treatments have been FDA approved for therapeutic use in the US and Canada.
  3. Botox treatments are extremely painful – Although the procedure involves multiple injections, most patients only feel some slight pinching, similar to mosquito bites. These sensations usually disappear within a few seconds. The needle used for the procedure is very fine and there is no need for local anaesthesia.

What is Botox good for?

Apart from its cosmetic properties in reducing wrinkles, Botox is also used for treating several neurological disorders, such as dystonia, facial spasms, tremors, blepharospasm, and even strabismus.

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