Avoid the Common Cold


B-12 InjectionsCommon colds are passed from person to person on a daily basis. Because of its contagious nature, especially during the colder months, there are only a few people who manage to avoid it every year.  What is their secret? While there are no ways to completely prevent the spread of viruses, there are some methods one can take to reduce the risk of becoming infected.  Find out how eating the right foods, B-12 Injections and more can help you avoid the common cold as winter approaches.

Wash your Hands

Germs can live for hours and it’s unlikely for one to not come in contact with family and friends or touch surfaces and objects. Since the majority of viruses are spread via contact, washing hands frequently throughout the day is one of the most effective ways to avoid a cold.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is important to maintain overall immune health. When the B-12 intake is low, one can become increasingly tired and weaker, therefore, more likely to catch a cold. The nutrient can be found in sources such as meat and dairy. However, one can also obtain the vitamin via B-12 injections. These injections combine a highly absorbable form of the vitamin with metabolic-enhancing amino acids which will effectively return the body’s levels to normal and boost immunity.

Eat Foods with Phytochemicals

These chemicals boost the beneficial effects in vitamins found in food and supplements. Orange, red, yellow and dark-green fruits and vegetables are a great source of Phytochemicals.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can affect health in different ways, including your immune system. Research shows that a good night’s sleep can help boost immunity and lower the risk of getting sick due to exhaustion. Also, for those that already caught a common cold, sleep can help diminish symptoms and speed the overall recovery time.


A study demonstrates that exercise can cut the risk of getting a cold in half. Active adults with a common cold, suffer less severe symptoms. Furthermore, aerobic exercise boosts your metabolism, increasing the body’s ability to fight viruses.

Don’t let a common cold ruin your winter season. For more information on how to avoid getting sick and to learn more about our B-12 Injection treatments, schedule a free consultation with one of our professionals at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care.

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