Benefits of Immune Booster Injections

Skin_CareWhen it comes fighting illnesses, your immune system should be functioning at its best. This intricate system of organs, cells and tissues is often weakened with the stress of colder temperatures and holiday activities, especially as we get older. Now that things have subsided, it is time for you to boost your immune system.

One way of doing just that is to receive immune booster injections, which we administer at the North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic. Here are how these injections can benefit you:

The flu shot is not universal protection

Many people receive a flu shot, assuming it provides protection from all infections that cause coughing, sneezing, headaches or a runny nose. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of upper respiratory infections are related to the flu, leaving you unprotected from infections caused by other germs and pathogens. Our injection has a combination of essential vitamins and homeopathic immune boosters to prevent you from vulnerability of random bugs and viruses.

Fast and Convenient

It can be challenging with today’s busy schedules to find the right mix of vitamins and homeopathic remedies on your own to avoid getting sick. If you have ever stood in the vitamin aisle, there is a myriad of bottles to sort through. Unless you know the benefits of each vitamin or nutrient, you will have to do some online research until you have found the right cocktail of supplements. Immune booster injections saves you time and frustration, and our trusted physicians deliver the injection in a blink of an eye!

Receive Nutrients Your Body Craves

While there is a slew of multi-vitamins available at your local grocery or drugstore, very few of the nutrients from these supplements actually enter your bloodstream. If this does not take place, your body does not receive the daily requirements of the vitamins it needs. Boost your immune system safely and effectively with injections, which are administered right into your bloodstream for immediate absorption.

We would love to help you get through the last leg of winter as healthy as possible, so call us now to book an appointment!

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