Benefits of Immune Booster Injections

Immune BoostersThe flu is one of the more common and least appreciated results of cold winter temperatures. Healthcare professionals urge you to get an annual flu shot, but maybe past experience has made you reluctant to go that route. Injections of immune boosters are an effective and beneficial way to protect yourself against seasonal illness.

Boosters provide more wide-ranging protection

Did you know that the vaccine targets only a small percentage of the pathogens that cause flu and other upper respiratory infections? In addition, it is formulated based on previous strains. However, viruses frequently mutate, leaving you vulnerable to these updated strains.

Instead of targeting specific illnesses, immune boosters act to strengthen your immune system, improving your body’s overall ability to fight off viruses. Even if you do choose to receive a flu shot, booster injections are a valuable supplement to provide you with maximum protection.

Boosters are all natural

Flu shots are not pure medication. They include preservatives and additives as well as particles of actual flu strains that you may be reluctant to put into your system. Immune boosters are an all-natural solution of vitamins and homeopathic medicines, making them a safer alternative.

Boosters will not “make” you sick

After receiving a flu shot, some people have reactions such as fever and aches that are not much better than actually coming down with the flu. You can safely receive immune booster injections without fear of unpleasant side effects.

Boosters have value even if you’re already ill

A flu shot’s value is strictly preventative. It has no benefit to you if you’re already feeling sick. Since immune boosters supercharge your body’s natural defenses, receiving them when you have a cold or the flu will speed your recovery.

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