Dermatologist Approved Vs Generic Brands

Skin CareWith so many options provided by the beauty industry, choosing the right skin care products can be overwhelming. Consumers are searching for the ultimate brand to help them maintain young, healthy, smooth skin. At North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic we will evaluate your skin and recommend specific brands to help you achieve your skin care goals. The most common question we are asked is “why should we choose dermatologist approved brands vs generic ones?”  Medical grade products like SkinMedica are typically more costly than over the counter products, which is why consumers tend to stick to generic brands. Many over the counter creams and moisturizers can be helpful to your skin, however, dermatologist approved brands will ensure better results. These are some reasons why we recommend medical grade brands rather than over the counter products.


Over the Counter: These products are limited on what they can put in their products. When it comes to pricing, typically you are over paying for pretty packaging, fragrances and fluff, rather than the product itself.

Medical Grade: Medical grade skin care products contain a higher amount of active ingredients and the majority of brands are pretty competitive with pricing. A higher concentration of active ingredients also means that you get a lot more with less product. Therefore, they will last longer and will be more economic in the long run.

SkinMedica Products

At North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic, we offer a large variety of SkinMedica products. These products not only contain great active ingredients but are also fairly priced. SkinMedica offers skin care products for every skin type and are suited to help many skin needs and conditions.

Dr. Anderson’s tells us about her favorite SkinMedica product.

I love the TNS Essential Serum for several reasons. The product has two chambers: one side contains growth factors and the other a corrective complex. With only one pump you can get the results of about 7-10 different products. I don’t like to spend a lot of time on a lengthy skin care regimen, so the less steps, the better. You will definitely see a difference in your skin within one bottle—Six to eight weeks. In fact, I can tell when I run out of the product and haven’t used it in a little while. One of our patients tried it after her friend recommended it and once the product ran out, she came back saying “I was hoping to hate this but it’s amazing. I’m hooked!”

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