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As we get older it becomes crucial to prevent overexposure to the sun. There is an abundance of knowledge about skin cancer caused by the sun, yet many people still do not take precautionary measures to avoid sun damage to their skin. It is important to be responsible and know how powerful the sun can be. Following are some beneficial tips to help avoid signs of aging like wrinkles or age spots and to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

People forget that what you put inside your body not only affects your weight, but also affects the condition of your skin. An assortment of food and drinks can be easily incorporated into your diet to assist in preventing sun damage. For example, dark chocolate has elements to reduce the risk of cancer, and green tea improves your immune system, as well as helps reduce redness from a sunburn. Of course, drinking water is the best way to hydrate your skin.

Wear the Right Clothing and Accessories
Cover up, use layers, and wear loose, light-colored clothing to keep cool and to reflect the sunlight. Dark clothing takes in heat and when your clothing gets wet, protection is lost. Although, some clothing is specially designed with UV protection to block against the sun.

Baseball caps may shield your face, but will leave your ears and neck uncovered. Hats should have a wide brim to safeguard your eyes. Avoid straw hats with holes for maximum protection. Sunglasses should always be worn to prevent UV damage to the eyelids and surrounding parts of your eye.

Sunscreen Explained

The sun protection factor (SPF) tells how long you can be exposed to the sun without getting sunburnt compared to a person without sunscreen. Higher SPF offers longer protection, but not necessarily MORE protection. Observe how your skin absorbs sunscreen and determine the frequency of application and re-application accordingly. Don’t neglect sensitive parts of your body, and apply sunscreen to the top of your ears, hands, and your feet.

The brands we carry, Neova, a PhotoMedex company and SkinMedica TNS, are the best in the industry for repairing and preventing skin from sun damage. The TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer (SPF 20) by SkinMedica is lightweight and great for daily use. In the Neova line, you can choose from three types based on your needs: Everyday (SPF 44), Active (SPF 43 and water resistant) and our best seller, Silk Sheer 2.0 (SPF 40 and with a natural tint). If you need assistance choosing a sunscreen, the North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic is here to help.

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