Food Allergies Can Affect Your Skin’s Health

Food Allergy TestingOne of the scariest aspects of having food allergies is that you may not know you have them. Although you might not necessarily feel symptoms, they still could be having a negative effect on your body. Food allergies can especially take a toll on your skin, so it is important to get an allergy test to make sure that your body is in good overall health. If you think you might be struggling with food allergies, this overview will help you understand a little bit more about this condition.

Know the Symptoms

Different foods can affect your skin and body in different ways. Taking note of reactions that may be out of the ordinary is crucial to spotting a food allergy. Here are a few common reactions:

  • Hives
    • Reddish, swollen, and itchy bumps on the skin that can sometimes be mistaken for bug bites.
  • Swelling of the lips, tongue or throat
    • Usually begins with a tingly sensation and can lead to swelling.
  • Eczema
    • An itchy, dry rash that does not go away.
  • Stomach Pain or Nausea
  • Bloating
    • This is usually a sign of intolerance to food, especially to gluten.

Get a Food Allergy Test

While recognizing symptoms and getting them looked at can help, you should be tested for food allergies to ensure that you know exactly which foods are giving you trouble. Avoiding your problem foods will give you relief and improve your overall health.

The test itself is quick and simple and after getting tested, you may be surprised to discover the results. Maybe you’ve recently developed an allergy to foods you have always eaten—some of which may even be healthy! Never second guess getting checked out if you notice something feels a little off after eating certain foods.

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