hCG Diet Tips

hCGAs the New Year quickly approaches we begin to consider which New Year’s Resolutions we are going to make, and actually keep. A common goal is to lose weight and become healthier–and at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic, we offer hCG diet tips that will help you maintain your goals.

If you are considering hCG (Human Chlorionic Gonadotropin) the ultimate fat burning diet for weight loss, here are seven hCG diet tips to get you started.

  1. One of the functions of hCG is to stimulate your body to mobilize and burn extra fat cells for energy. It is important to maintain a very low calorie diet, 500 calories a day, for the best results.
  2. The average amount of weight loss is between 10 to 25 pounds for the three-week interval. This varies from person to person, and the closer you are to your body’s ideal weight, the slower you will lose weight.
  3. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water. Drinks that are approved on this diet are water, tea and coffee.
  4. Spread out your meals so that you have enough energy throughout the day and don’t get hungry and get the urge to cheat.
  5. hCG does not interfere with any medications, including birth control. There will be NO side effects as far as hCG and medications are concerned.
  6. Take a before and after photo. Your before photo will help remind you why you got started.
  7. Do the diet with a friend. Having a friend to motivate and support you is one of the best ways to succeed.

These seven hCG diet tips will help you take the first steps to a new and improved you. Take the time to research which kinds of food are recommended. hCG is a natural hormone that is safe and assists in rapid weight loss. Want to learn more?

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Will it curb my hunger?

Will I be depleted of vitamins and nutrients?

Will there be changes in my menstrual cycle?

Can men take hCG?

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