hCG Tips for Successful Weight Loss

hCG_DietIf you’ve tried all the tricks in the book to try to lose weight but haven’t seen results, the human chlorionic gonadotropin (hCG) diet may be the answer to your questions.

The hCG hormone works by stimulating the body to mobilize and burn excess fat cells for energy while the body is following a very low-calorie diet, or VLCD. With a small amount of hCG on a low-calorie diet, the body successfully burns fat in areas like the belly and thighs that are normally hard to thin out on other diets.

If you follow a daily routine while on the diet, you should be able to shed anywhere between 10 to 25 pounds during a three-week interval.

The hCG diet is delineated by a number of tips to ensure a successful weight loss path:

Measure and weigh yourself before starting. Keep a log throughout your dieting journey to track progress.
Always stay hydrated to help flush the fat out.
Spread out your food intake throughout the day so you’re not tempted to binge eat. The hCG diet may make you hungrier than usual.

Plan your meals ahead of time to keep a stricter dieting regimen.
The hCG hormone will help you lose weight incredibly fast, but remember that you may start out with some water weight that should come off by the following day.
Use only water-based skin care products or cosmetics—not oil-based ones.

If you find that you’re stuck at the same weight for a period of several days, try only eating apples for a day or so until it kicks into gear again.

Remember: hCG will not interfere with any medications, including birth control.

Stay focused on your weight-loss goals while on the hCG diet, and you won’t be disappointed! Stop by North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic to learn how to get started, or call us at (480)-513-2888.

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