Health Benefits of Acupuncture

AcupunctureThe state of your health determines your quality of life, so it’s important, especially as women, to employ all methods and treatments possible to be emotionally and physically healthy. A form of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, uses hair-fine needles that are placed into strategic points in the skin. This ancient remedy is rising in popularity and is used to complement western medicine or as an alternative treatment by activating and stimulating your body’s self-healing mechanisms. Here are three health benefits this chemical and drug free treatment can help you:

Assist with Uncomfortable Pregnancy Symptoms

Expecting a child is exciting, but pregnancy symptoms are bothersome, especially if the symptoms occur frequently. This treatment can be used to relieve heartburn, as well as other pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and bloating. To avoid harming an unborn child, this is a fantastic alternative treatment to taking medicine.

Reduces Nagging Headaches

Adult women experience headaches more often than men, and they are usually linked to the infamous menstrual cycle. Although medication is the standard treatment for those who suffer from chronic headaches, the success rate has varying levels of success. Acupuncture is known to manage pain related to mild or moderate pain by utilizing a massaging the acupuncture points related to the headache.

Improved Sleep

A ‘side effect’ commonly reported of the treatment is improved quality of sleep. Little or poor quality sleep leads to impaired functioning during the day, and it’s essential to your mind and body to get your sleeping schedule back on track. Because the treatment is relaxing, it can sometimes aid those who suffer from mild or occasional insomnia without the side effects or addictive qualities of prescription medicine.

There are many other benefits in which acupuncture can assist. Contact us at the North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic today to discuss how this ancient treatment can assist with any health issues you may be experiencing!

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