Hottest Beauty Trend: Vampire Facial

One Scottsdale facial treatment soaring in popularity is the Vampire Facial, especially once Kim Kardashian received the treatment on her reality show. While skin care beauty enhancement trends come and go, this one looks like it’s here to stay. If you desire to improve the appearance of your skin, theVampire Facial can help make you look as luminous and youthful as ever.


What it is

This exciting procedure is also known as PRP — Platelet Rich Plasma, which uses your body’s healing potential to invigorate skin recuperation and polishing. Your Scottsdale facial treatment physician utilizes a dermapen or microneedling system and injects a sample of your own blood that’s comprised of PRP into your face. It’s a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery for turning back the hands of time by erasing acne scars, reversing sun damage, eliminating wrinkles, and softening the presence of crow’s feet.

How it works

Large quantities of developing elements inside the platelets of your blood have the capacity to generate collagen and elastin. This promotes improvement of many aging signs, such as scarring, fine lines and wrinkles and scars caused by acne. When PRP is injected in combination with adermal filler, like Juvederm or Restalyne, your skin gains back any volume lost in your face, leaving you with a younger and fresher looking appearance.

What about recovery and pain?

The downtime associated with this Scottsdale facial treatment and level of discomfort are both minimal, which is one of the reasons why the procedure is so popular. Any redness or mild bruising of the skin can easily be masked with makeup and should clear up within a few days following your session. Normal activity can continue immediately, but make sure to protect your skin from the Scottsdale sun.

This is also one of the safest skin care treatments, because your own blood is used for its PRP.

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