Laser Skin Resurfacing Options

Laser skin resurfacing can help reverse the visible signs of aging. Women in Scottsdale will inevitably experience years of fun in the sun, which may cause various toxins and sun damage to negatively affect skin appearance. Many people turn to laser skin resurfacing to fix those damages, but also have questions about it. Here are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.


What is laser skin resurfacing?

Chemical peels, microdermabrasion treatments and dermal fillers were once your only options to obtain younger looking skin. Active FX and Total FX is available at the North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic, which are procedures that utilize pulsating beams of light in a precise manner to remove damaged skin one layer at a time. It also heats the skin beneath the epidermis, called the dermis, and new collagen fibers are stimulated from the heat. The newly grown skin becomes smoother and firmer once the treated area heals.

What results can I expect?

Laser skin resurfacing will noticeably soften or remove fine lines and wrinkles from around your eyes and mouth. Deep lines and depressions are lessened, and newly grown skin displays an elastic and more jovial appearance. Scars caused by sun damage or acne can also be treated by this procedure.

What are some of its benefits?

  • Less bleeding, bruising or scarring
  • A better chance of controlling final results, unlike other cosmetic enhancements
  • Minimal downtime compared to invasive surgical skin care treatments

We will analyze your medical history and consider whether or not you are a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing. Talk to one of our professionals to discuss your expectations and experience with other treatments, such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion, and any sensitivity to the sun. We will determine a treatment designed for you to yield the best results.

You are entitled to have glowing and healthy looking skin. Speak to one of the experienced and friendly members of our team at (480) 513-2888, or book a free consultation online today!

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