Laser Vein Removal And How It Works

Laser Vein RemovalHaving telangiectasias—spider veins—in different areas of your face and legs can take a toll on a person’s self-confidence. This condition, which is common in both men and women, is usually not life-threatening but can cause pain and overall discomfort. If you find these web-like vein clusters unattractive, laser vein removal could be the right treatment for you. Keep reading to learn more about telangiectasias and find out how laser vein removal works and how it can benefit you.

What Exactly Is Telangiectasias?

Telangiectasias can appear on the skin when valves in the veins become fragile or injured. As they progressively weaken, the blood gathers in the vein valves. The more blood that is clogged in the valves, the more apparent the spider veins become on the skin. The causes for this condition are unknown but researchers believe that genetics and environmental factors such as pregnancy, alcoholism and aging can contribute to its development.

How Laser Vein Removal Works

The laser vein removal process involves light-based wavelengths aimed at the blood cells in dilated vessels. Consuming the energy delivered by the laser, blood cells counterbalance the expansion of the vessels by simply destroying them. Once this process is over, the spider veins should vanish from any areas on the skin that have been treated. The laser passes right through the outer layer of skin and targets only the dark areas. With time, your body will clear the colored blood vessels causing their appearance to diminish.

How Laser Vein Removal Can Benefit You

Laser vein removal is guaranteed to be a quick and safe procedure—about three to four 10-45 minute sessions depending on the area. Not only is this treatment effective and safe, but it also does not require anesthetics or leave any marks (bruises, burns, irritations, etc.) resulting from the procedure.  If you find web-like vein clusters unattractive, laser vein removal is the right treatment for you.

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