Q&A With Dr. Amy O’Hara

1. What’s your favorite skin treatment that is offered in North Scottsdale Laser & Skin care?

One of my favorites that delivers fast and noticeable results is IPL (fotofacial). This
treatment helps to remove sun damage like freckles and age spots.  It also helps to
improve collagen.

2. What is the most innovative treatment that is offered?

Our of our more innovative treatments is the Intensy.  This treatment includes radio
frequency, which enhances collagen stimulation, improving skin texture, firmness and
micro-needling, which improves texture and pore size.

3. What is the most common women’s ski health issue that you come cross?

Sun damage and dehydration. Overall, the sun causes many of the complaints of female clients (e.g. age spots, wrinkles & freckles)

4. Who would be a good candidate for Velashape?

A good candidate is one that has a moderate BMI (body mass index). Perhaps has
some problem areas of cellulite or skin laity.  For example, abdomen, inner thighs, love handles.  It helps to tighten, firm and decrease measurements.

5. What would you recommend for patients trying to lose weight?

There are many options but please consider the possible underlying factors besides just overeating such as hormone imbalance or thyroid disorder.

6. What is the best price of advice you would give to all women?

Take care of yourself.  So many times as women and mothers we put everyone first and us last.  Our families & loved ones will benefit more from a healthier you!

7. What makes the laser treatments so effective?

There are many different types of laser.  However, the collagen stimulation lasers are so effective because they use wavelengths of light and energy to stimulate our boys own collagen fillers.

8. What is your favorite product offered at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Clinic?

TNS Essential Serum & Neova Sile Sheer SPF 40.

9. Who do you recommend acupuncture to and why?

Acupuncture balances.  It improves not chronic & acute conditions as well as addressing the emotional and physical connection.

10. What is your daily skin care routing?

Cleanse with AHA/BHA cleansers (SkinMedica).  TNS Essential Serum alternating days with Lyterra brightening Complex.  Then Replenishing cream for moisture and of course during day, Neova Silscher SPF

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