RED Light Therapy

Discovered by NASA, RED Light Therapy treatment has produced impressive results for years.

  • Increased Collagen Production
  • Improved Skin Tone and heals blemishes
  • Greater Blood Circulation
  • Moisturizes skin for a more youthful appearance
  • Helps to fade stretch marks, scarring and surgical wounds
  • Helps to eliminate rosacea Reduces pore size

RED Light Therapy explained

One emerging type of anti-aging treatment has recently gained popularity, but has shown amazing results for years. This treatment, discovered by NASA , is called RED light therapy. RED light therapy is characterized by infrared light, which is a unique type of light that has a stronger wavelength than other types of light. This enables it to penetrate deeper into the skin and provide many therapeutic benefits including improvement in the skin’s appearance and structure as well as relief from pain. There is NO UV light associated with RED light therapy. Infrared light also stimulates the production of ATP, an essential energy source used in body tissues that promotes rapid healing.