Vampire Facelift™

One of the best anti-aging treatments

Are you in search of the best anti-aging treatment to combat the effects of aging? You are in the right place we can help you restore the exact beauty of your youth through our Vampire Facelift treatment. Vampire Facelift is one of the latest anti-aging treatments which is becoming increasingly popular not only in the UK but throughout the world. Are you wondering how this process works?
 Vampire Facelift is an advanced anti-aging treatment in which your Vampire Facelift expert prepares dermal filler with the blood collected from you. Using centrifugal action along with a catalyst, all the platelets and fibrin in the blood are separated. A thick concentrate is formed from the platelets and fibrin which is then used for your facial restructuring.

North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care specializes in offering Vampire Facelift treatment. As one of the most experienced skincare clinics in Arizona, we offer the best skincare treatments. We will help you restore your skin’s original beauty and help you regain your youthful looks. We make the Vampire Facelift treatment work for you. As this is an advanced anti-aging procedure, you must make sure that you choose your skincare specialist carefully so that you get the fullest benefits of Vampire Facelift treatment. Added to that you should also make sure that you are absolutely safe in using this procedure by getting this process done by the most experienced skincare specialist at our clinic.

The dermal filler prepared from your blood will be injected just under the skin in the right quantities by our expert. This will trigger the new skin cell growth. Within a short time it will result in stronger collagen support structure giving you firmer facial skin. When Vampire Facelift is injected, it stimulates a protein which is responsible for the growth of the new cells that eventually spreads in the treated area.

Our Vampire Facelift treatment can be used for wide range of skin care problems and in particular for aging related issues. Some of the most popular areas for which Vampire Facelift treatment is used include but not limited to pock marks, acne scars, skin divots, hollow cheeks, fine lines around the mouth, nose and forehead. In the hands of an experienced skincare expert, Vampire Facelift is like the magic wand that can give youthful appearance to almost any part of the body.

Today many people prefer to use Vampire Facelift treatment over the other cosmetic procedures as this method has lot of benefits. One of the best things about Vampire Facelift is that patients never succumb to any allergic reactions because the dermal filler is created from the patients’ own blood and hence 100% natural. When compared to other methods, your Vampire Facelift treatment will be over in about an hour.

Vampire Facelift does not require you to take any anaesthesia. Easiest procedure, no side effects, noticeable results in the shortest time and minimal discomfort, all these make Sephyl to be one of the most preferred treatments today.

Vampire Facelift is suitable for people from all ethnic backgrounds. However, this method is not recommended for people that are using blood thinning medications or people that have blood clotting problems.

When you approach us for your Vampire Facelift treatment we will first have a detailed session with you to establish whether Vampire Facelift is suitable for you and whether there are any inhibiting causes for the use of this treatment procedure. Once we make sure that you are a suitable candidate for Vampire Facelift we will schedule a convenient date and time for the procedure. Our skincare expert will perform this procedure on you on the appointed date. You will be able to see the results of Vampire Facelift treatment procedure in as short as two to three weeks which varies from individual to individual. You will be able to see noticeable change in the treated area over a period of time. New cells will continue to grow for a number of weeks improving your looks. During this period your signs of aging will disappear fast.

At North Scottsdale Skincare Clinic we bring you extraordinary care and attention right from the moment you walk into our clinic. We provide you with very friendly environment that will make you feel at home instantly and give you great confidence that you are in the right place. We have handled this procedure for numerous patients with stunning results. If you too want to benefit from our expertise in Vampire Facelift treatment, call us today and get your appointment. You will be able meet the chief skincare expert directly to discuss your needs.

Get rid of all the signs of old age and let your skin match your youthful spirits. Let us help you remove all the blemishes and flaws on your skin. Make use of this latest skincare treatment to fight the signs of aging. Contact us right away for your skin care expert’s appointment.