Top Fruits that Keep Skin Youthful

Scottsdale skin care is fundamental, but a pivotal factor to a healthy and fresh complexion begins with the food you eat. With just a short trip to the supermarket, you can buy fruits that provide you with protection against sun damage and wrinkles. Using Scottsdale skin care creams, lotions and ointments and eating fruit can help your skin tremendously. Here are five of the top fruits that help keep your skin looking youthful and healthy.

  • Papaya: Since this fruit is an excellent source of vitamin A and papain, it assists in erasing dead skin cells and shattering inactive proteins. It also helps Scottsdale_Skin_Carekeep your skin hydrated, because it’s low in sodium and does not make you retain water.
  • Grapefruit: Aside from being rich in vitamin C and lycopene, grapefruit also contains phytochemicals, which promotes healthy skin, as well as your general health. Since it also has a high water content, the outer layer of your skin stays hydrated and becomes more protected against wrinkle-causing toxins from pollution and the sun.
  • Watermelon: Nature’s richest source of lycopene is found in watermelon, which reduces the possibility of sun-related damage, like sunburn and skin wrinkling. It’s another fruit with a high water content, so it ensures your skin stays resilient, moisturized and fresh.
  • Banana: If you suffer from dark bags underneath your eyes, the potassium in bananas will eliminate them and give you clear skin, too. They are easy to add to cereal or even salads, or you can munch on a bag of dried slices of bananas when you’re craving a snack throughout the day.
  • Mango: Vitamin A, a strong antioxidant, is present in mangos and has powerful effects on acne, pimples and other blemishes. Mangos impressively alleviate clogged pores, and you can also use mango skin as an exfoliant, since it’s rich in AHA (alpha hydroxy acids).

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