Ultra Light Facial Cream

SkincareIf you’ve been battling dry, cracked or rough skin, pick up a supply of Glycolix Ultra Lite Facial Cream from North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic. With this cream, your skin care regimen will make you feel replenished and rehydrated.

The cream consists of squalane and glycerine to achieve a softer complexion, and also provides an effective combination of antioxidants (such as green tea extract and vitamins A, C and E). These components all work to prevent skin damage and restore your fresh complexion—and it delivers moisture without clogging pores or creating an oily “heaviness” on the surface of your skin. It’s designed to blend lightly and evenly into your skin while still restoring moisture. Forget acne, flaky skin or excessive oil—the only thing you’ll notice is a fresh, glowing complexion!

The Ultra Lite Facial Cream by Glycolix will add to your skin care routine the nourishment it needs, especially in Arizona’s dry climate—which can take a toll on your skin’s texture. For the most successful results, apply a small amount of the cream once or twice each day after cleansing the skin. It won’t take long to see beautiful results!

Don’t let dry, flaky skin take over your complexion. The Glycolix Ultra Lite formula is light enough to go well under makeup without oiliness or breakouts. The blend of vitamins and natural ingredients—including beeswax and aloe vera—will give you healthier looking skin and a softer, smoother texture in no time. You’ll return to radiant, beautiful skin after just a few applications!

If you’ve been fighting dryness, stop by North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic today to pick up a bottle of Glycolix Ultra Lite Facial Cream for just $19.20. Give your skin care regimen the moisture boost it needs with this revolutionary daily cream!

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