Unveil Radiant Skin With A Chemical Peel

Chemical PeelsAre you ready to say goodbye to damaged skin in favor of a youthful glow? Since your skin is constantly generating new layers, exfoliation is a great way to remove old layers of the epidermis and get a healthy complexion. While a gentle scrub might help you get rid of some dead skin cells, it will not unveil the glowing skin that is just below the surface. Fortunately, at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic we offer different exfoliating treatments that will restore radiance to your complexion. Find out which beauty treatment you should be adding to your skin care routine.

Chemical Peels 101

We’ve all heard that exfoliation is a great way to make our skin look healthy and smooth, but a chemical peel can do even more. Chemical peels consist of applying a chemical solution to your skin so that it will peel off, revealing a glowing complexion underneath! Taking years off of your skin, your friends will be wondering how you did it because your new skin will be looking ageless.

Chemical peels are typically used to reduce fine lines around your eyes and mouth, and they also remove some of the effects of sun damage and aging. Some patients find that their acne is reduced because of the treatment of a chemical peel, and some find that their dark spots vanish!

Because they are performed by a licensed professional, chemical peels are safe, and they will correct the texture of your skin. Consult with your doctor to determine what type of chemical peel is right for you, as there are different intensities, depending on how much you would like to correct. If you decide that a chemical peel is right for you, the side effects are fairly minimal and will only last a few days; these include mild irritation, redness, and peeling.

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