What is Permanent Makeup and How it Can Make Your Life Easier

Permanent MakeupPermanent makeup saves time and money, and it’s beneficial for aging women, those who have undergone chemotherapy treatment, women suffering from a disease, like alopecia, or have had an injury that resulted in scarring or damaged skin. Like hair, we’ve all had our good and bad makeup days, and it can be inconvenient continuously checking and re-applying makeup throughout the day. Let’s take a look at this increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent cosmetic makeup is also known as micropigmentation, which is a safe, affordable and natural looking alternative to applying makeup on a daily basis. Our process essentially inserts pigment directly into the dermis, which is the layer right below the epidermis of the skin. Implanting color into the skin consistently and precisely requires a specialist who expertly knows the art and science behind it. Even if you live an active lifestyle, the results from Natural Look permanent cosmetic makeup remain fresh and aesthetically pleasing.

What Permanent Makeup Achieves

  • Reconstructs empty spaces or restores color in the eyebrow area
  • Replenishes pigment lost due to surgery, injury or disease
  • Complements the shape and color of the lips
  • Intensifies the shape and color of the eyes
  • Provides a guideline for traditional makeup

There are many potential candidates for permanent makeup. Unsteady hands, impaired vision and other physical challenges may prevent you from applying makeup properly. If you have sensitive skin, you have probably thrown away hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, testing out products that don’t cause an allergic reaction on your skin. Maybe you never learned how to use makeup or just don’t have the time, because your lifestyle is too demanding.

As women, we have to be confident with ourselves to live happily and successfully, and if you’ve been contemplating this permanent cosmetic enhancement for any reason, you can trust that North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic will guide you through the process in a friendly and professional environment.

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