What Is RED Light Therapy?


CollagenMaintaining your skin health doesn’t have to be rocket science, but even the simplest of skin-care routines can include something that was developed by rocket scientists! Amp up your collagen production with RED light therapy, which was originally discovered by NASA and has been producing impressive results for many years! Continue reading to learn about the wonders this therapy can do for your skin.

What Are The Benefits Of RED Light Therapy?

RED light therapy is an anti-aging treatment that has been around for many years, but only recently gained popularity. Using an infrared light, it will penetrate your skin and benefit your complexion more than you might think.

  • This therapy increases your collagen production and will generate healthy, smooth skin. Because you will have more collagen, you will notice that your skin will have fewer wrinkles, especially those under your eye, around your forehead, crow’s feet, and laugh lines.
  • This treatment also reduces the effect of the sun. It can heal sun damage and can even cause an increase in the moisture of your skin.
  • It may also lessen the effect of scars and will correct uneven skin tones.
  • If you’ve been in pain, RED light therapy may even help to ease the sting of minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. Using this treatment on other parts of your body can take them out of pain, as well. If you have suffered from arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, or other types of pain, this treatment will benefit you by speeding up the process of healing wounds and by diminishing inflammation, which can cause pain.

This FDA-approved treatment will increase your collagen production and stimulate the production of ATP, which promotes rapid healing. RED light therapy will improve not only the health of your skin but also the health of your overall body. If you have any questions about RED light therapy or would like to schedule an appointment at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care, call us at (480) 448-5047, or visit our website.



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